Sunday, February 22, 2009

Safer bath products

Here are a few recent questions:
Hi Terri! What cream do you use in addition to the salt baths? My daughter has very sensitive skin and usually always breaks out with any soap or creams we use even with shampoo! any suggestions on what to use and where to get them?Thanks! Kristy
Well Kristy, I have not made the Epsom Salt lotions myself but when I do I plan to use either pure cocoa butter or some pure Jojoba or coconut oil. The skin is the largest organ so using products you would feel ok eating is best. The fewer chemicals being absorbed into your child's body is best. I try and limit any petroleum products and all the products with lauryl sulphate and laureth sulphates. The pure products are easier for the body to absorb and less likely to have a reaction. Emu oil may be another very good alternative. We use a prescription medication called Low Dose Naltrexone and it is in an Emu oil base and it has a lot of success as a carrier oil without any negative reactions. I get my stuff at either Sprouts or Whole Foods, I need to check Azure Standard to see if they carry them. I hope that helps!!
Hi Terri! You don't know me but I was referred to your website from Shari and I find it very informative. I am trying, one thing at a time, to become more conscious about what I am putting into and on my boys bodies. I want them to be healthy and strong and to live to their potentials. I truly appreciate all the research and work that you do to help inform others. Anyways... my questions are: What do you feed your children for lunch? and What products do you use to wash their bodies, brush their teeth, lotions, etc?

Hi Taryn,
Thanks so much for the great comments. And good for you for caring about this stuff. Your boys are very lucky!!! I covered a little about lotions above. I use California Baby body wash/shampoo/conditioner for my kids (see pictures above). I have also used some Burt's Bees stuff too. I use Spry gel instead of regular toothpaste, we avoid fluoride for the kiddos too. The Spry gel uses Xylitol which inhibits bacteria growth = inhibits cavities.

Lunches usually consist of a combo of protein, fat, veggies and fruit:

* Applegate Farms Hot Dogs
* Applegate Farms lunch meats
* Low oxalate diet black eyed peas burgers with shredded veggies
* Left over dinners like chicken, spaghetti, salmon, bean burritos with rice tortillas, different rice dishes, etc.
* Applegate farm bacon

* Steamed and mashed sweet potatoes
* Steamed and mashed acorn squash (add a little cinnamon for a sweeter/different taste)
* Cucumbers and tomatoes
* Carrot sticks and celery with peanut butter
* Bubbies pickles
* Broccoli "trees" with a little ketchup for dipping

* Mainly pears or mangos because we are fighting yeast
* Sometimes apple slices
* Fruit cup in pear juice

My son won't eat avocado but my daughter loves them so she eats sliced avo frequently at lunch. They are so healthy with great fats. They also love yogurt (coconut milk) with lunches as well.

I hope that helps!!

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