Thursday, February 26, 2009

Vaccine court victory for one family

We have a victory of sorts, just weeks after the "vaccine court" ruled against families with children damaged by vaccines, they rule in favor of the Banks family for the same thing. They did it quietly, without all the fanfare of the previous rulings. Here's the article:

The downside for most of us is that many of us didn't see dramatic changes after vaccines, or we noticed changes but they were brushed off by our pediatricians and we didn't think to follow up with EEG's and MRI's. What about all the environmental crap that our kids have been exposed to before we knew just how dangerous these things were and got them out of our food and homes? In this day and age, why is it so hard to understand Autism is in part environmentally caused? How can we continue to pollute our bodies with bad food with additives we can't even pronounce, GMO food, pesticides, herbicides, toxins in our baby bottles like BPA, etc. etc. without ramifications? Unfortunately for us, the list can go on and on too with toxins. There has been a recent concession from the National Institute for Health (NIH) saying the further research of vaccines and environmental toxins as antecedents for Autism in a specific subset of kids with mitichondrial disorders. That catch phrase has gotten a lot of attention and is still promoted as "rare". I would say less rare than people think. My son, very mild end of Autism, DOES indeed have a mitochondrial dysfunction. You know what? So do I more than likely. Kids get their mito from moms. Got chronic fatigue?? Then you have a mito issue too. I have joked for years that I have chronic fatigue. Maybe it wasn't just trying to do too much and "in my head". I have started some of the same mito support supplements as my son. Do you think insurance would give us a 2-for?? Probably not. I am getting at the point that I rejoice that some families are getting settlements and even more than that, vindication for us all that this aggressive vaccine schedule and other environmental toxins DO contribute to Autism. But for the majority of us, we are neurologists with access to testing like John Poling, we didn't suffer seizures in our child that required heavy medical documentation. We experienced small changes, hints that told us something was taking our kids away from us. So we persevere. We challenge "modern" medicine with our hokey witch doctor tactics (said completely tongue in cheek in case you are unaware of my use of heavy sarcasm) and we trudge on. We probably won't ever get a big settlement. That is OK by me. What I hope in all of this we gain recognition that we are not crazy and an understanding and awareness of what we are doing to our kids. And with that said, off to the Capitol for a rally to save our music therapy!!

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