Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Organic Acid Test results and yeast/bacteria and gut dysbiosis

So...I know I have been lagging on posts, I apologize. Life has been super crazy and will be even crazier as I plan to head out of town this weekend, alone, no kids! Did you hear my little cheer right there? I love my family but it has been a while since I have been away from them with no other purpose than pure enjoyment and relaxation. So I am super excited. But, I needed to share what else I am cheering, M's recent Organic Acid Test (OAT) results. We got them back last week and had our follow up call with Dr. Woeller yesterday. Since June he's had 4 elevated yeast markers. As of last week we have just 1 elevated marker (and it wasn't even Arabinose, the biggie we were really fighting) and it is just slightly above "normal". His clostridia bacteria was still quite elevated but was half of what it was in the last testing period (October 2008). I am confident in saying that his gut dysbiosis is very close to being healed, HURRAY!!! The next step is to add in ACTOS which is for brain inflammation. That is the off label use, it is usually prescribed for diabetics but the "side effect" has been very effective against brain inflammation. I am so thrilled to be progressing so well. We are close to the end of the treatment protocol schedule. In about 6 weeks we may be able to tackle viral issues which I truly feel are the heart of my son's Autism. He had chicken pox twice, 6 months and 3 years of age. Viruses, specifically Herpes which is what chicken pox is, have been shown to spark Autistic-like symptoms in children. We also have a history of viral issues on both sides of our families. I feel this is key for my son. My husband asked me this morning "so what does that mean if we are the end, do we stop everything?". My assumption is then we do the testing thing. We try removing some supplements and see what happens. We try adding in "no-no" foods and see what happens. I am just so thrilled to be so close to the antiviral approach. We had LOTS of work on M's gut before we could even think about antivirals and we are almost there. I can't smile big enough. It has been hard work, between the diet and supplements but it has worked and more than the lab results, EVERYONE notices what a different child my son is now. He loves playing with kids and he is so expressive and does the "normal" 20 questions with everyone now. And people poo poo biomed? We would be no further than we were last summer without biomed. We are not at the end of our journey by any means but I think it is so crucial to celebrate each small milestone. A new word, heck even a new sound! A new food that is tried, a new attempt to reach out into their little worlds, all great things to celebrate as we all work towards the goal, getting rid of Autism in our kids. I know the road will still be very bumpy and we are not over every last hurdle but I need to take the time to celebrate how far we have come!


Shari Goodman said...

I am so excited for you...and so jealous. I know I will be there. We are just a year behind. It is so worth all the work, and the money. No price tag on these little guys. So glad you are getting away. You deserve it you super mom.

Anonymous said...

Hey Missy!!

Loving the new picture. It's great to hear good M is doing.

Exactly where are you going without the kiddies?

Terri Burges Hirning said...

Yes Shari!! You will be there too! Tate is doing so well, I love that he says Emma's name now!! You are doing a phenomenal job!!!