Thursday, February 18, 2010

Respen-A information! Mark your calendars!

I just got this comment from Elaine De Lack:
Hello Terri, I just wanted to spread the word that we are now having webinars twice a month, the first and last Tuesday every month regarding Respen-A and other therapies and findings. The first Tuesday each month will be at 7:00 PM PST and the last Tuesday each month will be at 7:00 PM EST. Dr. Starr will be presenting at most of the webinars and will take your questions during the webinar. We also are encouraging parents who have experience with their child using Respen-A to participate and answer questions and give comments so that we can all learn possible ways to help the most.

If people are interested in attending the webinars, email a request for an invitation to Thanks.

Elaine DeLack


Shari Goodman said...

I can't wait to hear more about this. If i get this prescribed, could I ship with you or can they ship to AZ now?

walker said...

Do you need a camera/video on your computer to participate in a webinar or do you just type your questions?

Also...if your child is using respen-a do they have to stop taking vitamin D3? (it is in my child's multi) Thank you!

walker said... more question. What type of calcium (and how much) do you give your son with the respen-a? Thank you!

Tawnya said...

Are these webinars on the Autism Action site? Or will my e mail request be acceptable?

Elaine said...

Hi Shari, yes we finally can ship into AZ. There are only 5 states we can't ship into now, and they are Vermont, Arkansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Nebraska, and North Carolina. We are working to get a pharmacy on board that is licensed in these states as well. To be licensed in the various states the pharmacy has to take the law exam in each state and pay a fee. Unfortunately to expand to get Respen-A available in more states, the pharmacies demanded a higher price or they weren't going to continue to make the product. The discs are very time intensive to make. So the price has gone up to $82 for a month's supply. I am working on a means to make the discs easier and so maybe in the future we will be able to get the price to come down some. I am limiting the number of pharmacies that make the Respen-A so that I can better insure the quality of the product.

Elaine DeLack

Elaine said...

Hello Walker,

You do not need a webcamera on your computer to participate in the webinar. You can simply listen using your speakers and ask questions using a microphone that is attached to your computer or you can type in your questions or you can call the call in number that is given to you and you can listen in on your telephone and ask questions via your telephone as well. If you hae unlimited long distance this is the best so that you don't get feedback through your speakers. We encourage everyone to ask questions, or share comments as we are learning from you as well. In a universe that is in constant motion, everything is constantly changing, so my motto is, the day I think I know it all is the dumbest day of my life.

We had our first webinar on February 23rd and it went well I thought but we had trouble getting through the slides once someone asked a question. We are going to record and archive these webinars on our website so that people can go back and listen or people who weren't able to attend the webinar can still listen to them. So to make the recordings flow well, we are going to go through the slide presentation at the beginning of the webinar and then open it up for questions and it can be any questions, they don't have to be on the subject the slide presentation was on. Dr. Starr will be available as well as myself for questions.

The other thing I realized is that we need to break the slide presentations down thoroughly dissecting each symptom or topic. Many of the trends in medicine have come about from a marketing campaign because of a new patent and that doesn't necessarily mean they will or are producing the best health outcomes. I plan to expose these trends as well as they pertain to the various topics we will be covering. This way people can make informed decisions as to what treatments they want to pursue. So as for your question regarding vitamin D3 which is a topic we will be discussing during one of our webinars that came about from the new patent for cholecalciferol years ago, the answer is no. The amount of vitamin D3 which is usually about 400 IU is fine. It is the large doses of vitamin D3 that can decrease the effect of Respen-A.

As for your calcium question, we are going to discuss in depth the calcium issue this Tuesday, March 2. If you would like an invitation to the webinar, just email me at and I will email you an invite. But in short, the answer to your question is we have found most people do the best with calcium carbonate but there have been a handful that need the calcium citrate instead. Because the majority do the best with the calcium carbonate, that is what the pharmacy sends out for free with the first prescription of Respen-A. We are working to get this in a capsule form so that people can open the capsule and mix the powder inside the capsule with applesauce or pudding or something their child likes to eat. We had this supplement in a capsule originally but it also contained copper and zinc. We don't want to contribute to the high copper levels autistic children have so we are getting a new formulation made that doesn't have copper or zinc but it will have some magnesium in a 4;1 ratio of calcium to magnesium. How you know if your child is absorbing the form of calcium they are using is if they display increased aggressiveness or irritability then they most likely aren't absorbing the calcium well and you should switch to another form of calcium such as calcium citrate. If it was the calcium you should see an improvement in the aggression and irritability within 1-2 days of changing the calcium. If your child is happy, in a good mood but showing hyperactivity, this usually isn't a calcium issue, but rather a sign that the dose of Respen-A is too high and cutting the disc in half usually resolves this.

Elaine DeLack

Elaine said...

Hi Tawnya,

The webinars are done through our GoToWebinar (GoToMeeting) so you will need to send me an email requesting an invitation. My email is In the very near future we will have a webinar page on our website where you can request an invitation and listen to recorded archived webinars. Our website is

By the way, we will be presenting at the AutismOne conference in Chicago May 24-30.

Elaine DeLack