Friday, December 2, 2011

Camel milk, healing or hype by Julie Matthews

Camel milk, new treatment to help children with Autism? Maybe....and a whole host of other issues if the research is to be believed. My friend Julie Matthews, Nutrition Specialist for Autism recently wrote an article talking about this very thing. You can find the article HERE. If you know Julie then you know how scientific she is in her basis for diets in helping individuals with Autism. One of the best things about her book in my opinion was its citation of WHY these children have issues with gluten and dairy. She doesn't gloss over the why's, she explains to you the biomechanics of food intolerances and why certain products, including some raw dairy products in certain people, can be tolerated when the pasteurized and processed forms can't be. For me, understanding the chemistry of the body and the breakdown of our food was so important. Our food is the basis for our health or disease so we really do need at least a basic understanding.

So, when camel milk was introduced on the scene (important to note, this is NOT a new thing in other countries) it intrigued me. Julie and I had chatted a few months ago about the potential here. When you read just how powerful this stuff can be and how because of the small immunoglobulin size, the camel's milk is able to penetrate and heal the gut/immune system like few other things, you will be intrigued too! Julie has been trying this personally and will be sharing more of her findings. I will pass those on as well along with my own. ;) Wish us luck as we embark on this next phase. And by the way, because of its intense immune boosting potential, I am trying this on several members of my family so our experiences will cover more than just Autism!

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