Friday, December 16, 2011

Food and Nutrition for Autism Course by Julie Matthews!

I first met Julie years ago as we embarked on a biomedical treatment plan to heal my son. Dr. Woeller recommended her after labs revealed IgG food allergies and unbelievably high oxalate levels. As a veteran of GFCFSF cooking, the oxalate issue threw me for a loop and I needed help, big time! You see, even healthy food can be damaging if there is an issue like oxalates or food allergies. We had been juicing, adding lots of raw recipes filled with nuts and doing green smoothies, all very high in oxalates. This posed a problem for my son with gut pathogens such as yeast and bacteria and a leaky gut. She helped us navigate this twisty, turny path and gave me ideas on what to fix, how to fix it and recipes to help nourish my son's brain and body. Over the years I have gotten to know Julie on a personal level. Very few people have a passion at helping our kids on the spectrum without one of their own also on the spectrum. And yet Julie has that passion, she researches and continues to grow her own skill set and delves deeper into the science of these issues and then helps to educate parents.

She often does classes around the country and at the major conferences like Defeat Autism Now! (DAN!). But, if you have not had the chance to take one of her classes or have a consult with her, this may be a great time for you to do so. She is offering a discount HERE. From first hand experience, Julie will help you understand the role nutrition plays and the scientific explainations as to why these diets work for our kids. Start the new year empowered!!

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