Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Camel's milk.....2 1/2 weeks in

So update #1 on our trial of Camel's milk. We haven't been very scientific, we don't give the same amounts every day or even give it to our son everyday. But we did see an increase in appetite and physical growth very quickly. I began to truly believe the power of this stuff when an unintended dietary infraction happened early on in our trial of camel's milk. Turns out that a product we have used over the years changed their formulation and he actually got wheat without our knowing. What we saw was an increase in emotions. But it also coincided with the fighting of a small cold so it was hard to tell what was what. It certainly was not to the level that we have ever seen with gluten infraction which is usually off the charts meltdowns, aggression, lots of screaming and crying with a level of irrationality that is not usually present. So, being that it is school break, we decided to try adding in wheat and/or dairy to see what is going on. I will admit, this is scary. The tantrumming, lack of sleep and aggression for 3 days (at least) is hard to stomach, especially doing it ON PURPOSE. But, our goal is to get to the point where the occassional infraction is not a big deal. In the past it turned his little world upside down. Since then we've embarked on lots of things to help heal his body. And reactivity to food for us is an indicator of healing in the body.

So here we are today. We decided to hit up Diablo Burger. Diablo Burger is a local restaurant that serves up local, organic, grassfed burgers (and veggie burgers) and they offer gluten free buns as well! They focus on local, quality, fresh food. It is DELISH. Since we've been to Diablo Burger before without any reaction whatsoever, we figured changing one thing today would give us a reliable look at reactions. We gave him the choice, either a regular, gluten bun or a gluten free bun but with cheese. He chose a regular bun. No surprising since the child can only remember the dairy free cheses (some awful) that we've tried over the years. I was actually happy since I would prefer for him to try raw cheese if anything, given his strong reaction and addition to dairy in the past.

We ordered the burgers, ate and waited.......nothing. We went shopping in downtown Flag, ran into some school friends, no auditory processing delays, no "in his own world" behaviors, no running off. Hmmmmm. So here we are 7 hours in, still no reaction. Now, I will be watching for the next few days but I am optimistically hopeful that we've turned a corner here. The last time we had a real infraction (1 Ritz cracker) was in kindergarten and he came home a screaming child, bit his sister (he's never been a biter) and then slammed her finger in the dresser drawer. It was a weekend of that type of behavior. So the reaction was immediate and strong. So far this afternoon was filled with imaginary play with his sister while I finished some Christmas presents. There is none of the vacant eyes, crying, or addictive cravings we've seen in the past. Now, whether we have detox from this we shall see. But, I look at this as a promising step in his recovery.

My 13 year old step daughter wondered whether we would begin eating wheat and dairy again if this is sucessful. I believe this was said very hopefully, lol. There was probably some disappointment when I said No (OK maybe a lot of disappointment). We've learned too much to go back. I now know the immune stimulation that occurs with gluten ingestion in most of us, largely unnoticed but contributing to so many auto-immune disorders and overall degradation of health. I would NEVER go back to drinking cow's milk. But, I would like for a school treat or birthday party slice of cake to be able to be eaten without a major breakdown in functioning for days. These changes have helped all of us so much, even when for those who didn't think they needed to make the changes, that I would not go back to the way we used to eat at all. But this is a very good step in the right direction I believe. So, here's to our first trial of wheat. Let's hope this is just the beginning of no more food reactions!!!!

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Shari Goodman said...

We have finally gotten to the point where a little infraction here and there doesn't cause a reaction in Tate but Tate actually prefers not to eat it! But , it is nice that he can have a choice now and then. Like you , I know too much so I wouldn't dive in to gluten again anyways. I was amazed when he ate a piece of pizza without me realizing it and nothing happened. He did have a bit of a stomach ache but there wasn't any neurological/autism issues at all. What a major thing for sure! I look forward to hearing more about your adventures with camels milk.