Monday, April 7, 2008

Good reading for parents

I know I have wondered why Autism rates (and other disorders affecting children) have skyrocketed. You may have heard that there was a victory for at least one family in their fight against vaccine companies. I have always been pro-vaccine, even after finding out about Matthew's disorder. However, it was always based on fear. The "what would I do if my child caught something and died from a preventable disease?". I know other moms in the exact same boat as me. However, I started learning more about the immune system and our bodies and what is actually IN vaccines. This comes about 4 years after I noticed significant reactions to vaccines in Matthew. At his 4 month shots, he stopped sleeping. Just stopped. The month before his shots he had been actually starting to sleep 8 hours or so and we were thrilled. The day of his shots the child stopped sleeping and wouldn't get back into the groove until his next round, which then disrupted his sleep again. When I told my doctor he said that was odd, he'd never heard of that before. But, in talking with other parents, it was not so odd. Some remarked that their child's personality changed with vaccines. Now THAT is odd. When a child suddenly STOPS sleeping, not a good sign. It would mark the beginning of a very long period of sleeplessness for Matthew (and us). I still stuck by vaccines and faithfully took my children in. But, quite honestly, I am one of those "weirdos" that has stopped vaccinating until I learn more. I use the term "weirdo" because that was how I looked at people who didn't vaccinate. The fear is now greater for me as to what the vaccines will do to my child rather than save them from. Now I sit at home with my 4 1/2 year old (without his 4 year shots) and my 2 year old (without her 2 year shots) and breathe easier. Now, could we be exposed to something bad that is preventable, absolutely. I will be devastated. However, I am now trying to work through whatever damage HAS been done to Matthew and let me tell you, the nervous system and gut is HARD to fix ladies and gentlemen. There is no ER I can rush him to, there are no easy tests for us to take to give us the truth as to what it at work. Most doctors have no clue as to what to do, so you find out on your own and hope you are right. My job is to fix what has gone wrong and try and make sure the same does not happen again or to Emma.

And now thankfully because of Matthew's disorder, I know more about what DOES truly fight viral and bacterial illnesses than I ever thought possible. We are armed with some of the very best things to help the immune system fight the daily attacks we come under, and the best thing is that they are natural and not going to harm anyone. In fact, many of the preventative things are good diet, proper hydration and sleep. And we have an arsenal of "supplements". You know, those scary things that the FDA wants off your shelves (so they can regulate i.e. charge 50 times more than they cost now). We (as a human race) relied upon herbal remedies since day 1. There ARE things out there that are better for us than Zocor, Claritan, Crestor, Lipitor and any other "or" out there. All these medications have serious side effects, and quite a huge strain on our livers. I am not saying ALL drugs are bad, I think we rely on them too quickly and for too long. Lifestyle changes can help SO many things, as can cutting artificial sweeteners, MSG and other toxins in our food. Stress management, good sleep and exercise go a long way in good health too. And, we are giving kids TOO MANY MEDICATIONS! And, those meds start on hour 1 of their birth with Hep vaccine. You know why they give kids Hep vaccines? Because a very small percentage of women have Hepatitis B when they deliver. Hep B is transmitted through bodily fluids. It would be relatively easy to screen soon to be moms. But no.....they will just inject your kid when they are born, same thing with antibiotic ointment in the eyes. They come into contact with STD's in the birth canal and so this kills it. Well.....both my kids were (unfortunately) c-section babies and so they did not GO through the birth canal. And, I DO NOT have hep B. So, why should my children routinely be given this vaccine, which they do not need for the very, very small percentage of kids where this would help them???? What is wrong with this picture?? I can't remember the numbers, maybe 1 in 40,000 would be effected so we immunize all kids so that 1 in 40,000 won't get Hep B. Like I said, I can't remember the exact figure, check out Dr. Mercola's site for the real figure ( It is unreal to hear some of this stuff.

Sorry for the rant, I am having supplement "issues" in getting my Dr. to write a letter of medical necessity so I can use flex spending to help with some of the costs so I am frustrated. We parents KNOW these things work for our children. If it were a prescription, absolutely it would be covered. But, because it is natural and over the counter, no such luck, it burns me. But, if you are interested in reading about the court battle over vaccines, here is info on the case that has settled.

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Shari Goodman said...

Thanks for the post. I agree with it all and share your frustration. I tell every expectant mother I know to not give the hep vaccine. No newborn can handle any vaccine! I have an incredible DAN Dr. if you need one who knows it all.Also, Do you know of anything good for outdoor allergies? I hate taking drugs but am going crazy.