Thursday, April 24, 2008

Yes, I made it!

Sorry for the long delay in posts. But, I MADE IT! I completed my first Triathlon and lived to tell about it. I actually did better time-wise than I thought I would. It was an amazing experience. They were delayed about an hour and a half which was not fun. The organization could have been much, much better but oh well. I was supposed to start my swim at 8:38, I wasn't in the water until 10:00 am which meant I was running at 11:00 am or so, so it was HOT! I was tired and a little dehydrated but other than that, GREAT! My arms were a bit sore, that 50 meter pool really does make a difference. Note to self: Find 50 meter pool to train in for next one. Everyone was so encouraging along the route, lots of "Keep going, you're doing great!" and "Way to go!", what a positive and friendly group, for the most part. We did have a late comer push their way in between our bikes in the transition area. She was frantic and looked kind of out of it and TOTALLY took over our space, to the point where I had no room. I had to laugh at the gall and absurdity of it all. I was doubled over laughing because it was just too ridiculous and too over the top for me that early. So, all in all, it was a wonderful experience. I am so glad I had Kate and Kim to share it with, that made it all the better, taking that picture at the finish line together!! :)
PS - Elan, I was going to send you the email I sent out but only have your email from Grancell. Can you email or comment me and give me your personal email??


Sherri said...

Congratulations to you, Terri. What an accomplishment!

Anonymous said...


I'm a little behind on my blog reading as you can tell.

My new work email is, and always you can reach me at

WAY TO GO!! I'm really proud of you.

BTW: Guess who I saw at my training ride on Saturday, Frank Garcia. He totally works at the Gap here is SF and said to tell you hi, so HI from Frank.

Also in case you dont have my personal cell number let me know so I can email it to you separately.

Talk to you soon. elan