Thursday, April 24, 2008

My new toys

So I am a geek. Here are my new toys, both bought from Craigslist. The grill is so small though but we figured we'd start small to see if we liked it. We did hamburgers last night and boy did it get the fat out. I think I will try chicken tonight. And what can I say about my juicer?!?! I am SO excited!! It is a masticating juicer, not centrifugal. It leaves all the good enzymes intact, which is the point of drinking fresh veggie/fruit juices anyways. I have a funny story. We give Matthew enzymes and they smell awful. We also compost and Eric was emptying our compost container and said "Did you put Matthew's enzymes in here? It smells just like his enzymes". I had to laugh and said "What do you think fruits and veggies DO?". We do manufacture certain enzymes on our own, but we require lots of them from fresh fruits and veggies. Unfortunately the typical American diet does not contain enough fruits and veggies, which then creates a whole host of problems with digestion. So, Eric was smelling the organic version of Matthew's enzymes. That is why I have been so obsessed with finding a masitcating juicer and getting some raw veggies into my kids. They do ok with fruit but the veggies, only Emma eats them. Matthew will do cucumbers and tomatoes and that is it. I have to hide things like spinach and kale in spaghetti sauces, muffins, etc. But, those are cooked sources, which are better than nothing but you do lose some nutritional content and those awesome enzymes! So, Tuesday I picked up my juicer and promptly ran to the Farmer's Market. I got about 2 ounces in the kids Tuesday 4 ounces yesterday. I am so happy about this and even I feel better already. I will keep you posted!

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