Sunday, June 12, 2011

Homeopathy update

As I have mentioned before, we've been doing homeopathy with Pierre Fontaine since December. It is a very precise method and you don't always get the right remedy the first try, we sure didn't. And after a consult or follow up I feel a little like I have just done some sort of psychic channeling session. You really need to get inside of your child and understand how they feel, especially in regards to the issues you want to work on, so that the right remedy can be found. It can be a little surreal. But man, when it works, it WORKS!!!

Many of you know we've been doing Respen-A for about a year and a half. It has worked VERY well for my son but there are some things that I am not all that excited about. We had to stop or reduce some supplements that I really do find beneficial (Turmeric, D3, EFA's) because in higher doses it can negate the effects. I tended to push that envelope especially, for example, when my son came down with a cold and I dosed with high D3. And another thing I was not thrilled with was the high amounts of calcium carbonate that he had to take daily. For whatever reason, we have bowel issues with calcium and so my long term plan was to be off of it. But I feel that way about most things. I want to HEAL my child to the point where these things are not critical. And let me tell you, Respen-A was CRITICAL!

We took a Respen-A break a few months ago out of necessity. We ran out of the calcium! It was a mess. He was breaking down at school, was unable to complete the normal math worksheets they complete in class daily. In talking with his teacher, she noticed a big change. The day we resumed Respen-A was the day his ability to complete that worksheet resumed. Takeaway - Respen-A is critical right now.

At a recent consult with Pierre, I explained just what happens with M when he is not on Respen-A. He becomes a volatile, screaming, meltdown prone child. He is explosive and very emotional. So we went there. We came up with a remedy. Since then.....WOW!!! Within days we had comments at our IEP from the school SLP about him meeting goals that she JUST set for the upcoming year in regards to listening to peers and asking unprompted questions back and forth. We dosed Sat, Mon when she saw him (and coincidentally wrote the new goals for the upcoming year) he accomplished that! Eric and I looked at each other. Hmmmmm. She went on to say he was as "ON" as she had ever seen him. She has been seeing him for 2 years now. That week he came walking out with his peers, chatting and laughing together. He has started to want to know what my husband and I are talking about, very interested in our conversations now. He's picking up funny quotes from peers. For example, when shooting hoops and missing he now says "aaawwww, show me some love". His awareness is much better and he is showing much more compassion and empathy towards others. Anxiety and perseverations are down. Thankfully I don't have to have a play-by-play of what houses have satellite dishes or basketball hoops as we drive places anymore.

So, after a follow up with Dr. Woeller to review labs and our other supplements, I ran the idea of a Respen-A break by him, for the reasons I stated above. He was all for it. So, I waited until school was out. It has been 1 full week of no Respen-A and quite honestly we are STILL seeing gains. We dose our homeopathic remedy about once every 7 - 10 days, when we see the negatives creeping back in, we dose again. This last dose was 12 days ago!! Of course we still have issues to work on but I am thrilled that he hasn't turned into a complete mess after 1 week of no Respen-A!! Like with Respen-A, we have seen increased ability to tan with this new remedy. My son was casper the ghost, seriously. And in the AZ sun, an outdoor child, and no sunscreen, I am not sure how that was possible. Most sunscreens are filled with cancer causing chemicals and we NEED natural vitamin D for the sun. So, we go swim in the morning, do inside activities during the heat of the day, then swim in the afternoon/evening. But, my kids get plenty of sun and even though they never burn, my daughter looks like the Coppertone baby and my son has always stayed completely white. No tan lines....NONE. Odd. Well Respen-A gave us our first back of the neck tan. Evidence of cellular healing and enzyme processes now work, YAHOO. With this new remedy, sock tan line from shooting hoops on the black top at school! This first week of summer has also brought more tanning so far.

He is also going through a growth spurt which has been throwing his sensory system into a little chaos right now. But overall I could not be happier. We sat through the first summer movie on Thurs and it was my daughter who wanted to leave early. Now that was a first!! My son did great! He also has been wanting to read on his own. He has always loved being read to and his reading is coming along nicely. But, with his fear of failure, if he picked up a book and found a few words that he couldn't sound out, his frustration would get the best of him. Now he calmly sits there, reading what he can, asking us to help with words he can't. Woah! So we shall see what the next few weeks bring but I am very pleased with his continued recovery. He is missing his friends and asking for playdates, we have a couple of things lined up so far. A far cry from the child who avoided other children, instead spinning Tupperware lids for fun. On the last day of school his class did their last "community circle". That is where the kids sit in a big circle and whoever has the ball gets to speak. They can voice concerns, praise, gripes, etc. Many of the kids were saying things like "I hope everyone has a good summer". M spoke last and his was "I just love everyone in my class". Collective aaawwwww.

****NOTE - I firmly believe that had we tried homeopathy from the beginning it would have been an epic fail. I believe that some level of healing needs to happen. When we first started this journey, my son's body was overrun with bacteria (clostridia) and fungus (arabinose), he had severe gut and brain inflammation, he had lots of unaddressed food intolerances, etc. His body was just trying to "keep the wheels on" at that point. It took us 2 years of heavy biomed, testing, dietary changes, etc. until we got to a point where his body had healed enough to engage in this level of additional healing. Have you ever tried to offer a natural or holistic remedy to someone who uses a lot of pharmaceuticals, has a heavily processed diet, etc? Usually they don't work and the person walks away thinking it is all a bunch of hooey. When the body is flooded with toxins and is just trying to sort through that, I don't believe the healing powers can be initiated. So, I believe that homeopathy really is most effective when you have healed the body to a certain extent. But that is just my opinion on the subject!


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Congrats on your progress!

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