Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sugar free raspberry coconut milk (frozen) yogurt

Well the heat is certainly here in the southwest. It is 97 degrees at 10:00 am and the kids wanted a snack. So, I whipped this up and it came out really good so I figured I would share.

Yesterday I made a batch of homemade coconut milk yogurt. I am not a fan of the commercial version, they have evaporated cane juice and some other ingredients that I don't like to give to my kids. I used the recipe from Julie Matthews' presentation at DAN! 2009 which goes a little something like this (although not verbatim so don't quote me on it!):

Take any nut milk (I used homemade coconut milk, thicker than usual which is 2 cups water, 1 cup shredded coconut without additives, blend and strain) and heat to 160 degrees. Let cool to at least 105 degrees. Whisk in a little less than 1/16 tsp GI Pro Health non dairy yogurt starter (recipe called for 16 ounce:1/16 tsp starter, I had about 13 ounces so I used just a tad less). Put in yogurt maker for at least 8 hours. Refridgerate at least 5 hours, preferrably overnight before serving.

So, this recipe makes good yogurts but mainly for smoothies and such because it does come out thin. That is why I tried to make the milk thicker. I started with a 1:1 ratio of coconut to water but that was a little too thick so we added another cup of water. It was still pretty thin when I looked at it this morning so I threw it in the blender with a couple of handfuls of frozen raspberries and two heaping spoonfuls of Stevia (yes, we like things sweet around here). What resulted was very similar to a frozen yogurt and very sweet and tasty with that wonderful coconut milk flavor! But, it has none of the additives, sugars, etc. that can be problematic for many kids on the spectrum. So, I hope you can use this recipe and enjoy!!

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