Friday, June 10, 2011

Mercury in HFCS

This is old news and I have blogged this before but worth reposting. If you haven't decided that this little gem, HFCS, needs to be out of your diet, maybe this will help push you over that edge. What they found is that many products with HFCS also have mercury contamination. And coincidentally many of these same products have two or three (or fifteen) other ingredients that shouldn't go into your body or that of your growing child. But what disturbs me about this particular article is this comment "The good news is that mercury-free HFCS ingredients exist. Food companies just need a good push to only use those ingredients". Uhmmmm, I don't consider that good news. Even without the mercury, HFCS should not be ingested. It is not good for us, it is NOT the same as regular sugar and our body does know the difference-regardless of how many ads tell us otherwise (ads that are funded by the Corn Refiners Association by the way). Sugar in general has many negative side effects, including depressing the immune system. Ever wonder why cold and flu season tends to hit right around Halloween and goes all through winter and the holidays?? I have a sneaky suspicion the increase in sweet treat consumption has a little something to do with that. So, here is the article to read for your self.

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