Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The sunscreen myth

We live in AZ, my kids do not use sunscreen unless we are having a mid-day pool party where we will be in the sun for hours during the hottest time (between 10 am and 2 pm). If we are planning to be at a beach for hours, or a water park for hours then yes I do put an all natural sunscreen on them. Usually they are very thick and very white since I usually use one with pure zinc oxide. I have found that mixing it with pure coconut oil makes it rub in better. But I will not use the mainstream sunscreens because they are filled with toxins and dare I say, CANCER CAUSING chemicals. Seems kind of stupid to put chemicals on your skin that CAUSE cancer in an effort to PREVENT cancer. We were made to be in the sun. As far back as I can tell, the sun has been here. And this society today spends far less time in the sun as a whole than previous ones. So if you are wondering whether you really need that sunscreen slathered on the moment you walk out the door, here is a good read for you. And all this sunscreen prevents us from getting the vitamin D we NEED! Don't get me wrong, no one should end up like a lobster but a little sun each day is critical for us in my opinion. That doesn't mean that someone with an outdoor job should never put on sunscreen and get sunburned, that is not good. But, there are much safer sunscreen choices out there so that if you need the protection, you can get it without the toxins. So, HERE is the article then go get some sun after you finish reading it! :)


Shari Goodman said...

I just blogged the same thing. I had some pretty good comments that the FDA says its ok so why am I saying this. Funny. The FDA is always right! What brand do you like the best? I have been using Soleo but want to try others as well. We use zinc oxide at the beach.

Terri Burges Hirning said...

LOL! And the FDA approves meat glue, arsenic in chicken and poison on strawberries! :) But I know I am preaching to the choir! I like Green Screen http://www.kabanaskincare.com/products.php?cat=8. If I am in a pinch and need something more commercially found, I will use Burt's Bees.