Thursday, February 28, 2008

A 1st for us

Today started out so ordinary.....Eric is away on business, which is why the following story occurred. Something always happens when he travels. I picked Matthew up from school after Emma's tumbling class and everything was peachy. He was a little more sensitive to his listening program this afternoon which should have tipped me off. I was getting ready to take him to music and then OT, Thursday being our super busy days. He started to act very funny, kept saying he wanted to take a nap. Then he would just start crying out in pain. He kept saying his muffin hurt. He had just eaten a muffin so I thought maybe a piece was stuck in his throat. I gave him water and then he felt like he was getting warmer. I started to take his temp. He was screaming in pain from the ear themometer. He just progressively got worse so I quickly called our Ped. They got me right in so I took off with him alternating between crying and sleeping in the car. It was quickly determined that he has his very 1st ear infection. I am pleased he's made it to the age of 4 before getting one but not happy that he has one. I have the antibiotics which I hate to use. Luckily we give him a probiotic nightly so hopefully the good bacteria won't be too thrown off in his gut. What a day......He's asleep in my bed as I type.

In case you wondered, here's where I do the majority of my blogging. Each night after baths the kids lay in my bed and watch Mickey or Elmo. I sit with them, laptop on my lap and get to enjoy their company or quickly respond to a need, but this gives me an outlet instead of watching the same Tivo'd kids show for the millionth time. I love this blogging program, it autosaves so if I am putting together a long blog, I can just type away and come back to it the following night. Sometimes I get a chance to add and post blogs in progress during the day since most of the work is already done or if Eric is home and giving me a little break in the day. So, I know some have asked "where do you find the time?". It helps that I type really fast, but I use this quiet time, or the time after they are asleep if they want to play instead of watch their shows before bed. For example, off to give Emma her bottle, be right back....I just love the laptop!

Hello & happy belated bday to Laurie W.! Eric mentioned that you check my blog, I am taking off the requirement for a login, you should be able to leave comments now if you are so inclined without creating a google account. We still need to get together, lol. Hope you and your family are well.

Kate - hope your mom got here OK, can't wait for book club tomorrow night, I need it!

Jeni - miss you girl!

On the topic of the triathlon, I need a kick in the butt right now. The last few days before our trip to SD I fell off the exercise wagon and have yet to crawl back on. Prior to this trip I had not missed one training day. So far this week all I have done is ride the bike. I am really trying to motivate myself to get on the treadmill tonight. I need it especially after my eating out binge of last week and my not so great this week. After I filled Matthew's prescription and came home to give him a dose I ran to Fresh and Easy (which I love btw) . The unplanned excitement of the afternoon left me unprepared for dinner. Emma and I (mainly me) shared a bean/cheese/rice burrito. Yes, I ate cheese, gasp. I even bought more for the top, plus enchilada sauce. I also grabbed a bag of tortilla chips and guac. Go big or go home....yikes. Not good, don't go shopping hungry. After that 3000 calorie meal my butt needs to get on that treadmill, and stay there for, oh 2 years or so. Sigh....So, someone kick me in the butt and get me re-motivated. The clock is ticking and I need to be ready so I don't die mid triathlon. That would not look good for the Higley Groves Book Club. I need to represent! :)

On a high note, dinner/bed/bath usually is crazy when Eric is gone. Given Matthew's illness, he passed out at 6:00 pm and from the lack of sounds from Emma's room, I think it is safe to say she's going down without much of a fight too. I was prepared for a rough evening but they took pity on me I guess. I have some half finished blogs waiting for uploading, maybe since the kids made it easy for me tonight I will get those done too. So, don't be surprised to see clumps of blogs for today. Hope everyone is having a great week so far!!

** Pre-bed update ** Poor Emma woke up crying. After some rocking and more crying, I did give her some Tylenol and Cough medicine. She said it hurt when she coughed. I sure hope she isn't getting an ear infection she was starting to get a little goopy in addition to that cough....thank goodness the weekend is almost here. Wish me luck to get sleep while I can.

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AZ Sunshine said...

Super mom and now super blogger. Check you out! You are so type A! Things with mom are great so far. Having help is awesome. I truly believe "it takes a Village" to raise kids. Good seeing you at Book Club. Very interesting as usual. I should have drank more wine for a religous conversation.