Thursday, February 28, 2008

Things we love

Whenever people hear about what we don't eat, the next question is "well what DO you eat then". I will post some favorites here and also post on healthy cleaning supplies and personal care products.

* Applegate farms hot dogs and bacon - no nitrate, nitrites or dairy, just good ole meat!
* Lara bars - yum!
* Enjoy Life brand allergen free snacks
* Guadalupe Farmer's Market for local (mostly organic and MUCH cheaper) and conventionally grown fruits/veggies/and they even brought in GFCF stuff and Lara bars for me, cheaper than Sprouts! The owners are T.J. and Julie and they ROCK! Visit them.
* Homemade almond milk
* Mega Omega homemade muffins (recipe to be posted soon)
* Nuts (almonds and walnuts mainly)
* Green smoothies
* Eggs
* Brown rice crackers with all natural peanut butter for a healthy peanut butter cracker
* Laura's beef, found at Super Targets here in AZ
* Ian's brand frozen foods, they do use canola oil which I do not like so we do these products in small quantities
* Brown rice
* Chicken

I will update more later, miss Emma has her Rolly Pollie's class, gotta run!

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