Monday, February 4, 2008

Gratitude list

So my friend Kate inspired me with her gratitude list so here's mine for the day:

1) I am grateful for a loving husband
2) I am grateful for 3 wonderful children in my life
3) I am grateful that the GIANTS won the superbowl (more importantly that we live with the means necessary for me to watch the game comfortably)
4) I am grateful we have a wonderful home
5) I am grateful for the best friends a person could ask for
6) I am grateful one of those best friends had a successful procedure and is now on the healing end
7) I am grateful for the ability to discern what is going on with Matthew biologically and the power to understand and do something about it
8) I am grateful for a healthy body and the ability to exercise


AZ Sunshine said...

That Kate must be a rock star! First a triathlon and now a gratitude list . . . you should stick with her. :-)

Master G's Mommy said...

Thanks for thinking of me on your gratitude list! I am still not 100% but I do feel better everyday, well, except for today. Today is not a good day :(

M_&_Em's_Momma said...

Yeah, that Kate is so cool, she must have been homecoming queen....