Saturday, February 2, 2008

Autism DOES speak :)

Matthew decides he needs to go poop. We at least have him going into the bathroom, still not using the potty but at least one step closer, he's in the room where that magic needs to happen. So, he heads upstairs with the directive not to go in our room and wake daddy up. So, somehow both he and Emma end up in her room playing. I go up to see what they are up to. Emma's clothes are thrown into her crib and I start the lecture. Matthew promptly tells me "Mommy go away, right now". Hows that for a declarative statement?! On one hand, I begin teaching him the proper way of telling someone he needs privacy, that's not polite, etc. But, inside I am smiling and jumping for joy. He is interacting with his world and more importantly, with other people in his world and not just doing what they want him to do. He is starting to exert his will over those around him, just like a 4 year old commonly does. I now hear "Emma, come on!" which is so exciting.

Yesterday Emma hit him square in the mouth with a toy bat. It was accidental but painful all the same. He was crying and told me "That makes me sad mommy", yes son, I bet it does. Emma apologizes and in a few minutes all is forgiven. But, more small steps. The ability to express emotion associated with pain, the fact that he connected the two? Amazing, completely amazing. Most times kids just do these things and we may miss that development because it comes so easily. With Autism, we are given the gift of watching each and every step emerge and to celebrate each one because so much hard work goes into each one.

Well, there is silence on the baby monitor now, which means more mischief. Upstairs I go, what new declarative statement awaits me?

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Master G's Mommy said...

Awesome! Great job Matthew:) Love, Auntie Jeni