Friday, February 8, 2008

Gratitude list

1) I am grateful for a wonderful husband
2) I am grateful for awesome kids
3) I am grateful for the chance to vote and have my opinion heard in this country
4) I am grateful for the best friends a person could have
5) I am grateful that my kids are sleeping late this morning which allowed me a shower and some coffee/computer time
6) I am grateful that I can attempt a triathalon in a few months
7) I am grateful for a great and reliable car that takes us all over each day and will be taking us to San Diego safely soon
8) I am grateful for a beautiful house with room for us all
9) I am grateful for the chance of a new day to do things better than I did yesterday, last week, last month or last year
10) I am grateful for an open mind and spirit that allows me to be receptive to all the wonderful blessings in the world
11) I am grateful to have my taxes done!
12) I am grateful for a working computer that allows me to connect with people I would not have the time to connect with otherwise. Stolen moments on the computer sure add up and it is nice to have some adult interaction, even electronically!!!
13) I am grateful for book club, it is my one chance a month usually to get out and just connect with other women/moms and let my hair down
14) I am grateful for a wonderful mother in law and that she is so generous as to take us to Disneyland each year
15) I am grateful for this upcoming Disney trip to see family and friends I have been missing so much
16) I am grateful for baby monitors, they let me hear my baby's first sleepy calls for me in the morning

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