Monday, February 11, 2008

Our weekend update

1) So, we may have been too quick to scale back the yeast enzymes. I think it has come back, probably not to the same extent but still. What we've seen the last few days:

~ Major tantrums, lots of screaming
~ Sleep disturbances
~ Craving yeast feeding foods, and tantruming when we say no

Calgon take me away....

2) I goofed and read my training schedule wrong. I was supposed to run Sat and have Sun off. I took Sat off and so I ran Sun. Then, Eric asked if I wanted to go on a bike ride. At first I said no, hey I just ran, you want me to get MORE exercise?!?! Whataya crazy??? But, it was gorgeous this weekend (Eric's bike temp gauge ready 86?!?!) so I said sure, I will go. We started out, got 2.2 miles and I said "Let's go 4.5 and then come back so I can see what 9 miles feels like". We rode along the power trails, heading west. We got to just past Freestone Park for those in this area. Some of the trail was dirt and not great because of the recent rains but overall a great ride. We actually ended up going 8.5 miles but hey, not bad considering I ran for 25 minutes earlier that day! Today is a swim day.

3) Are we unromantic? Another thing we did this weekend is "exchange" Valentine's day gifts. If you can call it that. Eric wanted a bike odometer/spedometer/etc. I wanted an armband holder for my MP3 player and a heart rate monitor. Romantic huh? The exchange went something like this "Hey is this the kind you wanted?", "Yeah, can I use it now?", "Sure, why not?". We each tore into our respective bags after the other came home from shopping. No wrapping, no fan fare, just bare bones. Oh well, we each got just what we wanted. I joked to Eric that I almost picked up my own gifts while shopping for his but thought he may get mad at my un-romantic-ness. But, we are both practical so I guess this year it works, lol.

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