Saturday, February 2, 2008

Book club gets me in trouble....

Last night was book club, which in reality is a drinking club which sometimes discusses books. All but one of us live in our neighborhood and we rotate each month at the home of the person who chose that month's book. The books have been interesting, some better than others. But one thing holds true, there will be interesting coversation and alcohol (which usually fuels the interesting conversation). So, last night we were talking about marathons, etc. And my friend Kate said she did the 1/2 marathon in January and she is doing another one and also doing the Susan G. Koman Tri for a cure on April 20th. Read more about it here It is a mini triathalon for women. It is a 400 meter swim followed by a 9 mile bike ride and then a 2 mile run. Kate threw out the challenge and Kim and I accepted! I went online and downloaded my training schedule. I just finished my first training day, 25 minute run/walk. I am tired but excited about this. I bought a bike a few months ago and a bike trailer to pull the kids. I even picked Matthew up from school with it one day which is just over 5 miles round trip. Swimming will probably be the hardest part since I am not a competitive swimmer and doing laps this summer taught me what a tough workout swimming is. This is just the type of thing I need, a good goal to work towards and two cool chicks to help support me and help me work out on those days I don't want to. And it is helping to support a very worthy cause to boot. All in all, a win win situation! Wish me luck!


Master G's Mommy said...

Good for you! Remember we were going to go to Hawaii, but then I had to go and get pregnant! Have fun and you go girl!

√Član Consuella Lambert said...

Hi there.

I can't believe you have almost been married six years. Wow, how time flies.

You know it is so hard to keep in touch, hopefully we can do a better job this year with the blog.

Congratulations, Matthew seems to be doing really well and the pictures of Emma's party look so cute.

If you havent had a chance, check out my blog at
I'm training for the Aids Ride and blogging as part of that.

Hope to talk to you soon.