Monday, February 4, 2008

Handy helper!!

Today was extra busy. We are doing a therapeutic listening program for Matthew (read more about it here Today we met with the OT administering it for a new CD. We check back with her every 2 weeks for a new one and just to see how things are going. We do the program at home twice a day, 30 minutes each time. It is really time consuming when you factor in all the other therapies but we have noticed improvements in several areas. I dropped Matthew off at preschool in the morning and then came home to try and clean, do laundry, etc. etc. with my little "helper". Emma actually was a terrific helper this morning. I got a ton done and moved nonstop it seemed for the whole 2+ hours while he was at school. Our babysitter came to sit with Emma at 10 am this morning so I could run him around and she could nap on schedule. It is important to me that she nap in her bed at her usual time. I do not want her dragged about to all these appts. bored and antsy or asleep in the car while Matthew does his thing. Luckily we have a wonderful person who sits with the kids in those instances. It was raining today and so I was standing outside the usual door at school. Matthew came out with Mrs. Page's class again and she kept them all inside until a parent was there or their bus was. But she had some questions for me today. Her son is in the same class and is bringing snack tomorrow. She had been watching what I sent Matthew and asked if certain snacks/drinks were OK. She wanted Matthew to be able to participate in snack with the rest of the class. I thought that was SO sweet. She certainly did not need to go out of her way, she could have just let her son pick what HE wanted, but she didn't and for that I am grateful. After we spoke I walked with Matthew to the car, quickly because of the rain. But, I saw the paper hand pinned to his shirt. My son was the class "Handy Helper" today. I was SO proud of him!!! I need better clarification on what that is, the most I got out of Matthew was that he helped pass out the fruit roll ups so I assume they help with snack. But since we are new to the class, I still need the specifics. We went to the OT appt where he is progressing nicely and did well with her, then he and I went to lunch (BK because THEIR fries don't have dairy). We had a little lunch date where we sat in a booth and talked and then he begged me to play in the play structure. We had an hour until his speech therapy so he did play for a while. He had a great speech session and then we headed home. Emma was in rare form. Today was a naked day evidently because that girl wanted to run around naked for the remainder of the day! Crazy girl. I did make it to the gym, today is my swim day in my training program. Thank goodness the pool is heated, ours is FREEZING right now. I even hit the steam room after. Now I am ready for bed, lol. I got to cuddle with my two little kiddos before they went to bed, the best part of the day, one on each side. Until Emma decided it was more fun to crawl all over us that is. Last night I gave her her milk and so tonight Eric wanted to do it. She said "No, Big Bird give me bottle" ~ she was watching Sesame Street and saw big Bird and wanted him to put her to bed, I had to laugh....Eric replied that he's much more like Goofy than Big Bird, I guess in that scenario I would be Oscar the Grouch! :) At least Eric replied that he's much more like Goofy than I am like Oscar the Grouch.....I know it was just to pacify me but that's OK, I will take it, lol.

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Master G's Mommy said...

Great day! I am glad things are going well. :)