Saturday, February 16, 2008

I <3 Valentine's Day

This may not come as a surprise to some but I got in over my head for V-Day. I bought these cute little mailboxes at Target to alter for Matthew's class and teachers (7 total). Then he started going to the bigger integrated class. So, I was not about to run out and get 17 MORE mailboxes and alter those (some will be shocked that I did set that boundary). So, we did *gasp* store bought Spiderman Valentine's for the big class. But then I started thinking about the speech therapist and OT at school, his other teachers at the hab preschool (4), our babysitter, his outside OT and music therapist (that we would see on Valentine's Day) and also both kid's tumbling teacher. I was so glad I have my handy Cricut because it cut out these cute little heart boxes. I stamped or otherwise decorated, assembled, added a decorative front heart with a To: From: stamp, added a few chocolates and viola, Valentine's all around. Oh yeah, plus I made mailboxes for MY kids and Valentine's Day cards for the kids and Eric. Whew, that is one busy holiday! Hope you all enjoyed your day of love!
PS - ingnore my messy craft table, I had just finished them all and was snapping pics as I had to pack them up to be delivered, so last minute.....

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AZ Sunshine said...

OK Super mom.
(1) You "messy" craft table is the least of my concerns. At least you have one!
(2) You had time to go to Michaels let alone find time time "alter" mailboxes.
(3) You are nice enough to think of the other people besides the head teachers.
(4) PLUS you had time for spiderman?