Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Happy hump day!

Can it really be Wednesday already? The frantic pace of our lives has resumed since our trip. It threw Matthew for a loop that is for sure. A whole week with no school, no therapy and no habilitation, aye yay yay. Not good. Plus we had dietary infractions, even with the enzymes I think it started to flare up the yeast and mess with his delicate system. We are back to the big doses of yeast fighting enzymes since we noticed the same old behaviors cropping back up a few weeks back when we scaled them back. I was hoping that we could reduce some of them, for just one supplement it is costing us $100 per month! Ouch. And of course because it is a "supplement" and not a prescribed drug we cannot use our flex spending plan or deduct it as a medical expense on our taxes. These are the frustrating things that families living with the Autism spectrum face daily. We KNOW these things work and yet because they do not fit the pharmaceutical or traditional medical mold, we are stuck bearing the full cost ourselves. I have to chuckle at the doctors and other knowledgeable people who sit back and say diets don't work. Well, I would like to see what they think after a month with my child on dairy and wheat and no enzymes. They would be exhausted and very, very frustrated I bet. It all makes a huge difference. All I know is we keep plodding along, head down and treading uphill against the wind but we are slowly conquering this hill. He's much better since being back at school yesterday and today and having his speech and music therapies this week. He even had his hab preschool this afternoon and did great. He is so busy and I am so proud of how hard he works and how much progress he makes each day. For those who don't know, here is his schedule:

Mon - A.M. preschool through Gilbert public schools and Speech therapy in the afternoon

Tues - A.M. preschool through Gilbert public schools and Music therapy in the afternoon

Wed - A.M. preschool through Gilbert public schools and P.M. preschool through L.I.F.E. Center

Thur - A.M. preschool through Gilbert public schools, Music therapy and Occupational therapy

Fri - A.M. preschool through Gilbert public schools and P.M. preschool through L.I.F.E. Center

Sat - Tumbling class through Rolly Pollies and work with our habilitator at home

Sun - Work with our habilitator at home

Want to know more about L.I.F.E.? Here's their link

This place is awesome, I highly recommend checking it out for anyone with a child with Autism. It was started by a mom and her child's therapist. They are so dialed into what these kids need and it is just brimming with love and understanding. I am so happy leaving Matthew there, I NEVER have a worry. No matter what I know they will know how to deal with anything and will treat him with the love and respect he deserves. They get so much out of him and understand how to meet his sensory needs so he gets the most out of their class.

And what about the Princess? Well, she woke from her nap while I was picking Matthew up from L.I.F.E. She was standing over at one of the windows that we have that flanks our front door. Eric asked her what she was doing and she said "waiting for mommy". Aaawwww, she is such a doll!!! The other day Matthew was getting ready to leave for school and she went and found "green blue" (his attachment object) and said "Here's green blue brother". She is just so darn sweet!!!

Well, enough gushing about my kids. Uh oh, trouble in paradise, time to help Dad manage the troops....

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